Our Story


BlazePod was born from a vision of encouraging today's youth to be more active through a fun, motivating, cognitive product. 

A little further down the road, it was obvious how perfect BlazePod can be for the Fitness and Sports markets. We strive to stand out with professionalism, durability, ease-of-use, design and smart implementation.  


Led by Yaniv Shneiderman, our founder and CEO, Team BlazePod is an elite group of fitness and tech professionals, a family with a mutual core understanding of who and what BlazePod is and the potential it has in the Sports, Fitness and wellness markets. BlazePod’s identification is obvious to the whole team, professional, sexy, fun, strong, smart, and all that wrapped into a special little package.


For years FRX was for pro athletes only, complex to operate and priced at thousands of dollars. BlazePod changes that! 

From our good looking, durable, portable Pods driven by our user friendly, smart App directly from a personal mobile device, Flash Reflex (FRX) training is now booming for everyone! With BlazePod, you can shake things up because monotony is an energy killer. By randomizing visual cues, you’re constantly on the edge – alleviating the problem of most exercises: predictability. BlazePod lets you keep your energy and enthusiasm high by mixing up routines and measuring your progress to help you break through self-imposed limits and push even more.


To transform a dream into a reality, we produced our first product and engaged our first users via our successful crowdfunding campaigns on Kickstarter and IndieGoGo, followed closely by a group of like-minded investors. BlazePod is the result  of the journey with our wonderful backers who helped us to turn it from a good product into a great essential product in the sports, fitness and wellness markets. It’s the perfect blend of professional, fun, strong, smart and portable training that provides the results our users want and the product they love to workout with.

versatile solution

Professional coaches and users around the world love our affordable, compact FRX Training.

It opens up a whole new attitude towards visual reaction training. With BlazePod, any coach, gym, facility or individual athlete can enhance workouts for clients by using visual cues and measuring reaction times to the millisecond. It’s fun and helpful from pre-school to adults of any age for working muscle memory in the mind and body!